Presenters and attendants at the 2018 Poster Session

FreshWater@UW Summer Research Scholars

Full project descriptions here.

Project Code Mentor Campus Affiliation/Department Email Address Project Title
EAU-1 David Lonzarich UW-Eau Claire Biology Deep-water mosses in WI lakes
GRB-1 Michael Holly UW-Green Bay Resch School of Engineering Reactive Media for the Removal of Phosphorus from Agricultural Runoff
GRB-2 Amy Carrozzino-Lyon UW-Green Bay Natural and Applied Sciences Wetland ecology and restoration on the Green Bay west shore & Lake Michigan
GRB-3 Emily Tyner UW-Green Bay Director of Freshwater Strategy Science communication, public engagement, and technical writing in support of the designation of the Bay of Green Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
LAC-1 Tisha King-Heiden UW-La Crosse Biology Using small fish models to study endocrine disruptors
LAC-2 Ross Vander Vorste UW-La Crosse Biology Aquatic invertebrate productivity and biodiversity in threatened river floodplain habitats
LAC-3 Bonnie Jo Bratina UW-La Crosse Microbiologu The effect of Dispersit, a surfactant, on the microbial community in Myrick Marsh
LAC-4 Penelope K. Hardy UW-La Crosse History Inland waterways in the long 19th century: A global history of science, technology, and medicine in primary sources
MAN-1 Kevin Cullen UW-Manitowoc / Wisconsin Maritime Museum Wisconsin Maritime Museum Maritime Artifact Advanced Imaging Project
MAN-2 Russ Green NOAA National Marine Sanctuary NOAA Diving into History: A Research Scholar Opportunity at the Wisconsin Shipwreck Coast National Marine Sanctuary
MIL-1 Junjie Niu UW-Milwaukee Materials Science and School of Freshwater Sciences Groundwater/drinking water purification by removing PFAS molecules
MIL-2 Dong Fang Deng UW-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences Nutritional strategies to reduce water pollution in fish farming
MIL-3 John Berges UW-Milwaukee Biological Sciences and Freshwater Sciences Hemimysis: an invader with diverse places in the Lake Michigan food web
MIL-4 Woonsup Choi UW-Milwaukee Department of Geography Investigating Human Impacts on Hydrological Drought
MSN-1 Jingyi Huang UW-Madison Soil Science High-resolution soil moisture mapping with citizen science and Artificial Intelligence
MSN-2 Eric Roden UW-Madison Geoscience Biogeochemistry of hydromorphic soils and riverbed sediments
MSN-3 Christopher Zahasky UW-Madison Geoscience Impacts of stream-groundwater exchange on contaminant transport in the environment
MSN-4 Trina McMahon UW-Madison Civil and Environmental Engineering / Bacteriology Impacts of invasive zebra mussels on cyanobacterial communities
MSN-5 Haoran Wei UW-Madison Civil and Environmental Engineering PFAS Sensors for Water Quality Monitoring
MSN-6 Sarah Janssen UW-Madison U.S. Geological Survey/ University of Wisconsin-Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Examining Mercury Adsorption and Transport on Microplastics in Freshwater Environments
MSN-7 Jessica Hua UW-Madison Forest and Wildlife Ecology Pond Soundscapes: Understanding how human activities influence the ecology of pond communities through sound and machine learning
MSN-8 Steven Loheide UW-Madison Civil and Environmental Engineering Relationship between engineering design of stormwater retention ponds, surrounding land use and land cover, and in-pond and downstream ecosystem services
MSN-9 Michael Cardiff UW-Madison Geoscience Supercharging recharge: Economics and efficiency of rural drywells for enhancing groundwater quantity and quality
MSN-10 Christy Remucal UW-Madison Civil & Environmental Engineering Investigation of organic contaminant transformation by manganese oxides for water treatment applications
MSN-11 Erica Majumder UW-Madison Bacteriology Hitching a ride: Microplastic & Harmful Algal Bloom interactions
MSN-12 Andrea Hicks UW-Madison Civil and Environmental Engineering Sustainable Aquaculture and Aquaponics
MSN-13 Steven Loheide UW-Madison Civil and Environmental Engineering Investigation of groundwater changes in South Central, WI.
MSN-14 Grace Wilkinson UW-Madison Center for Limnology Investigating how storms drive greenhouse gas production in urban ponds
MSN-15 Matthew Ginder-Vogel UW-Madison Civil and Environmental Engineering Factors Controlling Environmental Arsenic Speciation and Transport
MSN-16 Grace Bulltail UW-Madison Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies Developing experimental and analytical framework for wetlands water quality in Wisconsin
OSH-1 Greg Kleinheinz UW-Oshkosh Engineering and Engineering Technology and Environmental Research and Innovation Center Microplastics sampling and analysis of Great Lakes surface water
OSH-2 Carmen Ebert UW-Oshkosh Environmental Research & Innovation Center Microbiological Assessment of Select Lake Michigan Beach Waters
SUP-1 Kaitlin Reinl UW-Superior Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve, UW-Madison Division of Extension Natural Resources Institute Evaluating techniques for effective in situ algal abundance monitoring in the St. Louis River Estuary


Program Contact:

Dr. James Hurley

1975 Willow Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1103