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Classifying Ownership & Governance of American Water Utilities

Project Title Classifying Ownership & Governance of American Water Utilities
PI Name Manny Teodoro
PI Affiliation La Follette School of Public Affairs
Project Description This project will develop a system for classifying ownership and governance institutions for drinking water utilities in the United States. The American water sector is composed of roughly 50,000 community drinking water systems. These systems are operated by general purpose local governments, special districts, nonprofit cooperatives, private companies, and investor-owned corporations. A growing research literature demonstrates that different institutional structures create different institutional constraints and incentives for the operators of these critical systems. However, to date there is no comprehensive system for classifying these institutional structures. The student researcher will become familiar with water governance in the U.S. and participate in collecting and analyzing institutional data on a sample of approximately 1,500 drinking water utilities. The project’s results will demonstrate the value of a comprehensive typology and advance our understanding of water sector governance by facilitating future research on the effects of ownership and governance on environmental and health outcomes.
Qualifications Required Strong English language communication; basic statistics. Familiarity with American state and local government organization is a plus.
In-Person Tasks Occasional meetings with the PI.
Virtual / Remote Tasks Online data collection, compiling, reporting, and analyzing quantitative data.
Approx. Work Hours / Week 30
Keywords Policy, governance, management, politics, institutions