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Energy footprint of desalination globally

Project Title Energy footprint of desalination globally
PI Name Mutlu Ozdogan

PI Affiliation UW-Madison
Project Description The purpose of this project is to calculate the energy footprint of desalination globally with a view towards a high impact publication. This form of analysis has never been conducted.

Given continued scarcity of freshwater, particularly in arid parts of the planet, desalination will continue to be an important part of freshwater resources in arid regions but with unknown amounts of energy consumption and carbon footprint. This project aims to close this gap. The PI has access to a global database of desalination plants and their technology details. The student will work completing the calculations using a spreadsheet.

Qualifications Required Intermediate to advanced skills in using spreadsheet (Excel and/or Google Sheets) including copy, paste, functions, cell calculations, graphing, basic statistics, and pivot tables. The student does not need to have prior knowledge on desalination or energy footprint calculations. Ability to do literature search and read numbers from published tables.
In-Person Tasks None
Virtual / Remote Tasks The student will use a spreadsheet program (Excel and/or Google Sheets) to calculate/graph data using an existing database. The student will also be asked to do literature search and extract certain numerical parameters from published tables/works.
Approx. Participation Suggested / Week 10-20 hours
Keywords Freshwater, desalination, energy use, carbon footprint, arid regions