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Examining Seasonal Patterns in Trace Metal Bioaccumulation in Algal Species from Madison Lakes

Project Title Examining Seasonal Patterns in Trace Metal Bioaccumulation in Algal Species from Madison Lakes
PI Name Sarah Janssen;
PI Affiliation USGS, UW-Honorary Associate
Project Description Ecological successions of phyto- and zooplankton play an important role in temperate ecosystems, potentially altering the bioaccumulation of contaminants and the distribution of trace elements. This project aims to identify plankton species and concentrations of contaminant (Hg, Cd, Pb) and biologically relevant (Fe, Cu) trace metals over ecological succession in Lakes Mendota and Monona. Seasonal changes in plankton communities will be assessed via previously collected plankton samples (Winter-Spring 2022) as well as new samples collected through the summer. The student will work closely with graduate students currently examining Hg dynamics in the lakes to learn sampling and analysis procedures including plankton identification and metals analysis via mass spectrometry. In addition, the student will also learn trace metal clean techniques for processing samples and Hg analysis at the USGS Mercury Research Lab in Madison, WI. This interdisciplinary project will yield important information regarding plankton assemblages and changes in metal speciation that can be useful in informing fish consumption advisories across Wisconsin lakes.
Qualifications Required Coursework in general chemistry and general biology including lectures and lab courses
In-Person Tasks Collection of plankton samples from Lakes Mendota and Monona at minimum monthly, processing and analysis of samples using trace metal clean procedures, training and operation of instrumentation, group meetings
Virtual / Remote Tasks Data processing and interpretation, writing
Approx. Work Hours / Week 40
Keywords water chemistry, food web, limnology