Presenters and attendants at the 2018 Poster Session

Riverbed biogeochemistry

Project Title Riverbed biogeochemistry
PI Name Eric Roden

PI Affiliation UW-Madison, Department of Geoscience
Project Description Field and laboratory experiments to study the input, transport, and transformation of organic matter and solutes that influence biogeochemical cycling in near-surface sediments of river ecosystems within (e.g. the Wisconsin River) and beyond (e.g. the Columbia River in Washington State) Wisconsin.
Qualifications Required Preference is for students working toward B.S. degree in any field of natural science, physical, biological, or chemical. However, anyone with curiosity and an open mind may apply. Possibilities exist to develop outreach or other creative projects that interface with society and community in the context of natural freshwater resources.
In-Person Tasks Field trips to work in rivers; lab experiments with river sediments.
Virtual / Remote Tasks Literature searches; numerical modeling.
Approx. Participation Suggested / Week 10-20
Keywords river ecosystem biogeochemistry field lab