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Sustainable Aquaculture

Project Title Sustainable Aquaculture
PI Name Andrea Hicks

PI Affiliation UW-Madison, Civil and Env Eng
Project Description Aquaculture provides an opportunity for local farmed fish production (and in the case of aquaponics also vegetable production), as a way to provision protein with a lower environmental impact than the comparative terrestrial sources. With a growing world population and increasing food needs, providing sustainable food is critical. This project with focus on determining the environmental impact of cold weather aquaculture and aquaponics, and may focus more on particular areas such as life cycle assessment, economics, survey, or outreach, dependent on the skills and interests of the applicant. The overarching goal of this project is to reduce the environmental impacts of food production through an increased dependency on aquaponics.
Qualifications Required A quantitative background, across all areas of STEM and business.
In-Person Tasks Collaborating with the Hicks research lab, Literature review, Data collection, Data Analysis
Virtual / Remote Tasks Student must be in Madison, WI for the summer.
Approx. Work Hours / Week 10-20 hours per week (depending on interest and agreed upon scope)
Keywords sustainability, aquaculture, food, aquaponics