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New in 2022, this program links more than 140 faculty and staff with aspiring water science undergraduates for a summer research experience. Water@UW-Madison is an interdisciplinary grassroots organization that brings together researchers from both natural and social science programs on the Madison campus. All UW-Madison faculty and staff affiliated with Water@UW-Madison are eligible to host a student. Funding for the program is provided by the UW Sea Grant Institute, the UW Water Resources Institute, UW-Madison Graduate School, and the Freshwater Collaborative of Wisconsin*.

Thirteen faculty and staff have provided overviews of opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research projects on the UW-Madison campus. Stipends include salary ($6,000), supplies and travel. Non-UW-Madison students are provided housing and travel.  All undergraduate applications must be completed by February 15, 2022. Submit your application through SurveyMonkey Apply. We expect to offer an in-person experience in summer 2022.

Individual summer opportunities are linked below:

Energy footprint of desalination globally, Mutlu Ozdogan

Diversity and dynamics of harmful cyanobacterial blooms in Lake Mendota, Trina McMahon

Riverbed biogeochemistry, Eric Roden

Partnering with citizen scientists to understand urban pond water quality, Grace Wilkinson

Sustainable Aquaculture, Andrea Hicks

Monitoring and modeling water fluxes in Wisconsin Central Sands combining remote sensing data, machine learning, and Citizen Science data, Jingyi Huang

Environmental fate of aquatic pesticides, Christy Remucal

Autonomous Electrochemical-Photothermal System for Energy, Nutrient, and Water Recovery from Animal Manure, Mohan Qin

PFAS Sensors for Water Quality Monitoring, Haoran Wei

Investigating the ability of micro- and nanoplastics to contaminate groundwater systems in Wisconsin, Christopher Zahasky

Examining Seasonal Patterns in Trace Metal Bioaccumulation in Algal Species from Madison Lakes, Sarah Janssen

Interaction of Microplastics and Harmful Algal Blooms in Lakes, Erica Majumder

Classifying Ownership & Governance of American Water Utilities, Manny Teodoro

Descriptions of all projects here. Feel free to contact individual project leaders for more information on potential opportunities.

Please forward any programmatic questions to Dr. James Hurley (

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* The Freshwater Collaborative of Wisconsin is a partnership of Wisconsin’s 13 public universities, connecting with industry partners, local communities, policymakers and advocacy groups.​ Its mission is to establish Wisconsin as a world leader in freshwater science, technology, entrepreneurship and economic growth. The Freshwater Collaborative of Wisconsin is training the next generation of scientists to solve global water resource problems through academic programs, collaborative research and career development across the UW System. Learn more at

Program Contact:

Dr. James Hurley

1975 Willow Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1103