Executive Committee

The Water@UW-Madison Executive Committee is an annually elected body responsible for programming decisions of the organization and working to achieve the mission and goals of Water@UW-Madison. If you have questions or suggestions for the Executive Committee, or you are interested in joining the committee for the next academic year, please contact one of the committee members.

Committee Co-Chairs

Michael Cardiff

Position title: Faculty, Department of Geoscience



Research Topics: Aquifer characterization, inverse problems, environmental decision-making under uncertainty, water supply systems

Yiying Xiong

Position title: Associate Director, Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Institute

Email: yiying.xiong@wisc.edu


Research Topics: Hydropower Engineering, Dam Safety, Dam Removal, Fish Passage, Hydrology and Hydraulics, Climate Change.

Outgoing Chairs

Caroline Gottschalk Druschke

Position title: Faculty, Department of English

Email: caroline.gottschalk.druschke@wisc.edu


Research Topics: Stream restoration, flooding, freshwater management, public engagement, narrative, Driftless Area

Jennifer Hauxwell

Position title: Associate Director, Aquatic Sciences Center



Research Topics: Effects of nutrient loading on aquatic environments, aquatic plant ecology and management, water resource and fisheries management, research program administration


Nathan Jandl

Position title: Associate Director of Sustainability, UW-Madison Office of Sustainability

Email: njandl@wisc.edu


Research topics: Sustainability, communication, climate anxiety, environmental humanities, environmental literature

Grace Wilkinson

Position title: Faculty, Freshwater and Marine Sciences



Research Topics: Integrative Biology; Aquatic-terrestrial linkages, lake biogeochemistry, aquatic food webs 

Zachary Feiner

Position title: Assistant Scientist & WDNR Research Liaison, Center for Limnology


Research Topics: Fisheries and aquatic ecology; Fisheries management; Eco-evolutionary dynamics; Climate change impacts on fish and fisheries; Food webs

Mohan Qin

Position title: Faculty, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering



Research Topics: Sustainable wastewater treatment, brackish water desalination

Eric Roden

Position title: Faculty, Department of Geoscience

Research Topics: Sediment biogeochemistry; physiology and ecology of anaerobic microorganisms; microbial iron redox cycling; microbial mineral transformations

Graduate Student & Postdoctoral Researcher Representatives

Emily Azevedo-Casey

Position title: PhD student, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies



Research Topics: nutrient management in watersheds, water quality policy, watershed stewardship and conservation, stakeholder engagement, collaborative planning, spatial data, social-ecological systems, science communication

Laura Bates

Position title: PhD Student, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies



Research Topics: Stream ecology, watershed management, water quality, stakeholder engagement, nutrient management, biological indicators, limnology

Elliot Hendry

Position title: Masters Student, Freshwater and Marine Sciences


Research Topics: perennial and ephemeral stream dynamics, watershed science, adaptations to disturbance, writing and storytelling, labor and environmental history

Parisa Sarzaeim

Position title: Research Associate, PhD, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies


Research Topics: Water Resources Quality and Quantity Assessment, Climate Change, Artificial Intelligence Applications in Earth Sciences, Climatic Geospatial Analysis, Water Resources Management and Governance in US Tribal Lands

Research Program Coordinator

Alison Mikulyuk

Position title: Research Program Coordinator

Email: alison.mikulyuk@aqua.wisc.edu


Research Topics: Aquatic plant ecology & management, aquatic invasive species, surface water restoration, art-science collaboration, interdisciplinary research.