University of Wisconsin–Madison

Executive Committee

The Water@UW-Madison Executive Committee is an annually elected body responsible for programming decisions of the organization and working to achieve the mission and goals of Water@UW-Madison. If you have questions or suggestions for the Executive Committee, or you are interested in joining the committee for the next academic year, please contact one of the committee members.

We are actively recruiting (2) at-large faculty/staff members, (2) graduate student representatives, and (1) UW-Extension liaison for next year! To add your name to the ballot, send an email to by Friday, May 10th with your name, your department/affiliation, the position you’d like to be considered for, and a short (1 paragraph) statement about your background and why you are running.

Committee Chair

Jake Vander Zanden

Director, Center for Limnology; Faculty, Department of Integrative Biology


Research Topics: Aquatic Ecology, limnology, fish ecology, food webs, aquatic invasive species, conservation biology

Outgoing Chair

Steve Loheide

Faculty, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Research Topics: Hydroecology, water in the environment, stream and riparian resoration, groundwater, hydrologic and ecologic consequences of climate change


Matthew Ginder-Vogel

Faculty, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Research Topics: Environmental chemistry, biogeochemistry, water chemistry, X-ray absorption spectroscopy


Jennifer Hauxwell

Assistant Director for Research and Student Engagement, Aquatic Sciences Center


Research Topics: Effects of nutrient loading on aquatic environments, aquatic plant ecology and management, water resource and fisheries management, research program administration

Sharon Long

Emerita Director, Applied Environmental Microbiology, Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene; Emerita Faculty, Department of Soil Science


Research Topics: Monitoring waterborne pathogens, microbial water contamination, source water protection, watershed management, methods of pathogen enumeration, bio-terrorism preparedness


Bret Shaw

Faculty, Department of Life Science Communications; UW-Extension


Research Topics: Social marketing, outreach, aquatic invasive species, promoting natural shorelines

Anita Thompson

Faculty, Department of Biological Systems Engineering


Research Topics: Hydrology, water quality, runoff, sediment/nutrient/pathogen transport, stormwater management, erosion control, SWAT and WEPP modeling

Janet Silbernagel

Faculty, Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture; Design Strategist, Division of Continuing Studies
Research Topics: Landscape ecology and conservation strategies, scenario modeling and geospatial analysis of  landscape conservation strategies

Graduate Student Representatives

Rachel Johnson

MS Student, Biological Systems Engineering and Water Resources Management

Ben Peterson

PhD Student, Environmental Chemistry and Technology

Postdoc Liaison

Noah Stern

Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Bacteriology

Undergraduate Liaison

Sydney Copus

Junior, Environmental Studies and Gender & Women Studies

Project Assistant

Carolyn Voter

PhD Student, Civil and Environmental Engineering