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Summer vacation for @WaterUWMadison
Can't wait to see you all again in the fall đź’¦

#Hiring a permanent, full-time Public Works Maintenance Worker. This entry level position takes you outside--no matter the weather--to work with our crews. Many opportunities to cross-train and advance. #WorkForWater #EssentialWorkers WaterUWMadison photo

Wrangling 30 speakers who shared up-to-the minute #lcimatechange #PFAS #COVID and water research and initiatives during the 2021 spring symposium? That was Alexandra Lakind. #TwitterTakeover @hildug @creeklover @c_m_cook @RebeccaLPower @ProfMattGV @ambermwhite16 @tmvanderwoude WaterUWMadison photo

Week after week of informativeđź’§newsletters chockfull of seminar notices, job listings and interesting intel? That was Alexandra Lakind. #TwitterTakeover @hildug @creeklover @c_m_cook @RebeccaLPower @ProfMattGV @ambermwhite16 @tmvanderwoude @JenHauxwell


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