University of Wisconsin–Madison

Story Map Project

UW-Madison is involved in a stunning array of water research projects around the state of Wisconsin. These projects range from long-term research studies of our rivers and lakes, to finding solutions to drinking water challenges, to water-focused youth engagement and beyond. In order to demonstrate the full scope of this research, Water@UW-Madison has begun to develop an interactive story map that will allow users to discover detailed information about UW-Madison’s water research in regions of interest to them.

However, we need the help of our water colleagues to fully demonstrate the vast number of water projects the university is involved with! We are currently compiling a database of projects that will be used to create the final story map. If you are interested in sharing your project with us, please fill out the following geo-form to add it to the map. Select projects will be chosen to feature in our weekly email newsletter. Please help us to accomplish our goal of populating this map with as many projects as possible from all around the state!

If you have any questions about the story map project or are interested in having your project feature in our newsletter, please contact us at

Help expand our growing database of UW-Madison’s water research by adding your project to the map!