A Love Poem to Water

A Love Poem to Water

Spoken Word

Corina Robinson, University of Wisconsin-Madison

In Collaboration with K Bley, Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison

This poem is inspired by the literature review conducted by K. Bley, as well as Robinson and Bley’s initial conversation on what inspired Bley to take on this project in the first place. Robinson was particularly interested in her explanation of and interest in intersecting the issue of clean drinking water with all the ways in which we think of and spatialize issues on a theoretical level. To think about drinking water through the lens of a poem arguably falls into one of these methods of conceptualization, and granted Robinson a lot of artistic freedom to play around with this topic and think about it outside of a higher academic context. One of our first natural relationships in our lives is with water, and it’s incredibly essential to our own wellbeing as well as nearly everything around us. Water provides stability and life. It deserves a love poem every once in a while.


Corina Robinson is a senior at UW-Madison studying Psychology and Environmental Studies. She is a poet originating from Oak Park, IL. Corina’s poetry centers environmental racism and injustice, working to heal the relationship Black and Brown communities have with the Earth they live on. Her poetry also calls on her experience growing up as a Black and Mexican woman in a white suburb. She is also the Executive Director of the hip-hop non-profit The JVN Project, where she utilizes the elements of hip hop to educate youth, and provide a space for hip hop’s culture to make itself heard. @corinamrobinson