Water@UW-Madison at Frozen Assets

Water@UW-Madison will hold the annual Posters on Ice at the Frozen Assets.

Posters on Ice details:

  • When: 12:30 – 2:00 pm Saturday, February 8th
  • Where: Lake Mendota at the Edgewater

Event Details

Please join us for Posters on Ice at the annual Frozen Assets Festival, organized by the Clean Lakes Alliance!

Posters on Ice is an annual part of Frozen Assets, where researchers and departments from the university share their projects with the general public.


  • Aquatic Chemistry at UW-Madison: Fate and transformation of organic contaminants | Sarah Balgooyen, Devon Manley Bulman, Emma Leverich Trainer, Stephanie M. Berg, Reid Milstead, Amber White, Bobbi Jo Helgemoe, and Christina K. Remucal | Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Environmental Chemistry & Technology Program
  • Spiny Water Flea and Fish Planktivory in Wisconsin Lakes | Ben Martin, Jake Vander Zanden | Center for Limnology 
  • Calcium isotopes as a proxy for nutrient load in the Yahara River Watershed | M. Frances Rowe, Gage Hunter,  and Sean Scott Biological Sciences Department, Edgewood College 
  • Influence of fresh particulate organic matter input on Hanford 300 Area riverbed sediment microbial metabolism | Matthew Ginder-Vogel, Noah Stern, Eric Roden | Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering 
  • Blueprint for Salt Sustainability on the UW-Madison Campus | Lydia Salus, Tristyn Forget, Wei Tang, Yangbo Peng, Gwen Saliares, Brian Flynn, Michael Webber, Brittany Cobb, and Abigal Ernst Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies 
  • Global Environmental Footprints of Silver Nanoparticle Synthesis Methods and Industry Based Impact Projections Using Life Cycle Assessment | Andrea Hicks, and Sila Temizel Sekeryan Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering 
  • Assessing land use impacts and promoting community engagement in the Waubesa Wetlands Watershed | Mitch Buthod, Courtney Botelho, Stephanie Herbst, Kyle PeppLianna Johnson, Nemesis Ortiz-Declet, and Rachel Johnson Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies 
  • Leveraging satellite products for enhanced season-ahead water quality predictions | Maxwell Beal, Kaitlynn Hietpas, Paul Block, and Bryan O’Reilly | Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies and Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Transformative change required for water quality improvement in the Yahara watershed | Chris Kucharik, Eric Booth, and Tracy Campbell Department of Agronomy 
  • Effects of tillage and manure type on nitrogen and phosphorus losses through surface runoff from winter manure application | Anita Thompson, Francisco Arriaga, Peter Vadas, Laxmi Prasad Department of Biological Systems Engineering