Water Research Image Contest

Water@UW-Madison invites you to submit a photo or image from your water-related research project in any discipline to the first Water Research Image Contest!

What we’re looking for

A cool photo or image from your water-related research project PLUS a short description of your research project, submitted to the Water@UW-Madison Story Map. Images can be produced in any manner, including but not limited to: photos, microscopy, artwork, and schematics. Any student, faculty, or staff at UW-Madison (with a wisc.edu email address) is eligible to submit as an individual or as a team. Image must be associated with a water-related research project (either current or completed) in any discipline. Limit one image per research project.


Submissions will be accepted through Thursday, October 11, 2018 and winners will be announced at the Water@UW-Madison Fall Poster Session on Tuesday, October 16, 2018.


Images will be judged by the Water@UW-Madison executive committee based on both aesthetics and degree to which the image reflects the breadth of water research at UW-Madison. Winners will receive a mounted print of their image, a free drink ticket for the poster session, and will have their image displayed in the Center for Limnology’s rotating art exhibit. Runners up will also have their images displayed in the Center for Limnology art exhibit.

What the entry form requests

  • Basic project information including title, short name (50 characters or less), start/end dates, location(s).
  • Research team members including names, titles, websites (if applicable), and related research programs or departments.
  • Detailed project description, answering the questions:
    • What is the problem? (500 characters or less). Using lay terms, describe the issue or problem.
    • What are you doing? (750 characters or less). What action are you taking? What are the unique elements of your approach? Who are your partners or collaborators? Who is the target audience?
    • What have you found? (750 characters or less). What knowledge has been gained? Who cares or who benefits? Is the target audience doing anything differently (or should they)? What are the take home messages from your work? If work is just beginning, how do you expect your findings will impact others?
  • Additional links to media references, awards, or other recognition.
  • Image including image credit and email. Only one image may be submitted to the contest per project, but multiple projects may be submitted by the same individual/research team. You may also upload a second picture to display with the story map, if this is different than the image submitted to the contest.

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