Farm to Faucet by Maya Quintero

Farm to Faucet 

Watercolor, watercolor paper, pencil, eraser, making fluid, frame

Maya Quintero, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

In Collaboration with Kevin Masarik, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension

Farm to Faucet depicts the crucial role that water plays in our daily lives. Quintero wanted to create a piece that highlights the importance of water and its ability to connect us all. The artwork consists of two pieces. The first piece shows a farmer watering their perennial plants and cover crops, emphasizing the role of agriculture in preventing nitrate leaching, which is when nitrates leave the soils and enter water systems. The second piece shows a woman in her kitchen washing dishes while her cat attempts to drink water from a glass. Both pieces demonstrate the necessity of water in our daily routine and underscore the significance of preserving this essential resource. Quintero hopes to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our groundwater. By showcasing how we use water in our everyday lives and the need to safeguard it, the artist hopes to inspire people to take steps towards its preservation. 


Maya Quintero is a multimedia artist based in Wisconsin currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree with a passion for illustration and animation. Maya incorporates humor into her work and draws inspiration from her love of animals and nature. Her works explore fantastical themes and depicts mundane scenes with a magical touch. In recent years, Maya has been exploring more personal themes in her artwork, incorporating water as a recurring motif in her films. Maya seeks to create work that encompasses all of her passions and is always striving to improve her craft. Find her at @punkinpancakes on Instagram and YouTube

ABOUT THE Water Partner

Kevin Masarik is an integrated specialist with UW – Extension in the College of Natural Resources at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. His extension teaching focuses on groundwater and drinking water quality education targeted towards populations served by rural residential well water systems. Other aspects of his work include understanding the relationship between agricultural land use and water quality, geologic related groundwater contaminants, and utilizing the Center’s well water data to educate the public about important groundwater quality concerns where they live.