“Green Bay” (Water Quality & Soil Management) by Hali Simon

“Green” Bay (Water Quality & Soil Management)

Watercolor paint, Gouache paint, Acrylic paint, marker, digital design (Adobe/Canva Software)

Hali Simon, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

In Collaboration with Kevin Erb, Conservation Training Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension

“Green” Bay (Water Quality & Soil Management) highlights water and soil pollution through different types of activityGreen Space, Agriculture, and Urban Area(s). This piece also shows various signs of a healthy water environment and the importance of proper soil management and product usage within the soil to create livable water environments. Phosphorus runoff and soil erosion are key contributors to water quality in this piece. The artwork is inspired by fieldwork done by Kevin Erb and his work on directing soil, water, manure, and conservation-based training, by key locations throughout the city of Green BayLambeau Field, Bay Beach, and Lake Michiganand inspired by various Japanese travel maps.


Hali Simon is a current sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay pursuing a degree in Design Arts. Her art practices portray visions and explorations of ideas pertaining to travel, the meaning of home, nostalgia, and immersing pastel-like colors into her work to evoke positive emotion. In her free time, Hali enjoys creating work for her passion project, HNS Artistry, thrifting, and cooking new dishes. Her artwork can be found on Instagram: @hns_artistry, Facebook: @HNS Artistry, and her website.

ABOUT THE Water Partner

Kevin Erb is the Program Manager for UW-Madison Division of Extension’s Conservation Professional Development and Training Program. Based in Green Bay, Kevin holds an MS in Environmental Science and Policy from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and a BS from the University of Illinois in Agricultural Communications. Erb has worked for UW Madison and Extension for >30 years, focusing on ground and surface water contamination, manure management, and soil & water conservation. Kevin sees art as a way to open eyes to the impact that small changes in actions and behaviors can have on the environment.

Kevin leads a nationally-recognized program that develops on-line, classroom, field and hybrid professional development training for federal, state and local conservation agency staff, as well as the private sector consulting community. His interests include public/private partnerships to create market-based incentives for both ecosystems services and management improvements in private businesses that work with landowners.