How to Help Fish and Wildlife by Veronica Mingle

How to Help Fish and Wildlife 

Repurposed Trash/Secondhand Materials, Dirt, Wood, Clay, Acrylic Paint, Glue, Resin Epoxy, Digital/Printed Infographic

Veronica Mingle, University of Wisconsin-Madison

In collaboration with Lynn Markham, Extension Shoreland Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Mingle fears a future where clean bodies of water exist only in screens, whether one is watching old movies or “swimming” in the Metaverse. Shoreland Zoning, a set of Wisconsin laws to guide construction along the waterfront, is one piece of the puzzle to prevent this bleak future. Mingle sourced discarded televisions and broken sink bases from the trash and created models of what Shoreland Zoning can accomplish to protect fish and wildlife, using materials from various thrift stores and nature with the exception of faux trees from a craft store. To illustrate the specifics of Shoreland Zoning, Mingle created an infographic using Canva that links a video by the Center for Land Use Education as well as a poster by Melissa Nieuwenhuis to help aid understanding. 

Markham and Mingle strongly encourage you to take one or more copies of the infographic to help spread the word.


Veronica Mingle is a multimedia artist pushing the frontiers of where art and science intersect with an emphasis on science communication. She is the most experienced with photography, capturing a breadth of work including portraits, nature, conferences/events such as PowerShift 2023, and products such as Nike, Comme Des Garcons, Birkenstock, and more. She is the art director for The Vault student org where she teaches workshops on textile upcycling and sustainability. You can find more of her work on or on Instagram @veronica.mingle

ABOUT THE Water Partner

Lynn Markham is an Extension Shoreland Specialist based at UW-Stevens Point. She helps Wisconsin communities who want to protect lakes, streams and drinking water by providing research-based information, examples from other communities and policy options. Lynn helped 10 counties custom-tailor their shoreland zoning ordinances; wrote Protecting Your Waterfront Investment for big people and two lake books for little people