University of Wisconsin–Madison

Associated Faculty & Staff

UW-Madison is an internationally-recognized center for water-related research, teaching, and outreach. Faculty and staff with interests in water can be found in departments, colleges, institutes, and schools across the UW-Madison campus. Below are profiles and links to faculty and other researchers with water-related interests at UW-Madison.

Samer Alatout

Associate Professor, Community and Environmental Sociology


Research Topics: Global environmental policy and politics, environmental security/insecurity, bio-territorial framework of power and government

Robert Anex

Professor, Biological Systems Engineering


Research Topics: Biological systems analysis and assessment, life cycle assessment, techno-economic analysis

Francisco J. Arriaga

Assistant Professor, UW-Extension and Department of Soil Science


Research Topics: Applied soil physics, soil and water management and conservation, soil erosion, water quality, crop production

Jean Bahr

Professor, Department of Geoscience


Research Topics: Groundwater resources, groundwater contamination, groundwater ecosystems


Ian G. Baird

Assistant Professor, Department of Geography


Research Topics: Mekong fish and fisheries; fish ecology, fisheries co-management, political ecology of hydro power dams and fisheries in the Mekong Basin


Richard Beilfuss

Adjunct Professor, College of Engineering; President & CEO, International Crane Foundation


Research Topics: Ecological restoration, environmental flows, wetland ecology, impact of water resources development and climate on river systems, landscape ecology

Paul Block

Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering


Research Topics: Effects of climate change on water systems, hydrologic forecasting and integration into decision models, hydroeconomics

Robert Bohanan

Outreach Program Manager, WIScience


Research Topics: Citizen science, urban ecology, storm water basin ecology, dragonflies of Wisconsin

Eric Booth

Assistant Scientist, Agronomy; Civil & Environmental Engineering


Research Topics: Hydroecology, hydrologic impacts of climate and land-use, stormwater management, wetland/stream restoration, groundwater, fluvial geomorphology, agroecology

Ken Bradbury

Director, Wisconsin Geological & Natural History Survey; Dept. of Geoscience


Research Topics: Groundwater movement, viruses in groundwater systems, hydrogeology of Wisconsin, wellhead protection, and groundwater recharge

Dominique Brossard

Professor, Department of Life Sciences Communication


Research topics: Risk communication (e.g. AIS communication, public opinion and water toxicity)

Michael Cardiff

Assistant Professor, Geoscience; Geological Engineering


Research Topics: Aquifer characterization, inverse problems, environmental decision-making under uncertainty, water supply systems

Stephen Carpenter

Director, Center for Limnology; Professor, Department of Zoology


Research Topics: Aquatic Ecology, limnology, carbon cycle, eutrophication, food webs, phosphorus, land-water linkages, ecosystem models, social-ecological systems

Gene Clark

Coastal Engineering and Ports, Harbors and Marinas Outreach Specialist, Wisconsin Sea Grant


Research Topics: Coastal engineering & resiliency, dangerous currents & beach safety, design and efficiency of ports, harbors, and marinas

Ankur Desai

Associate Professor, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences


Research Topics: Inland water biogeochemistry, surface-atmosphere exchange, ecosystem modeling, micrometeorology, climate change

Caroline Gottschalk Druschke

Assistant Professor, Department of English


Research Topics: Dam decision-making, trout conservation, watershed outreach, restoration science & management, social-ecological systems, public engagement, environmental communication, migratory fish passage, human dimensions

Michael C. Ferris

Professor, Computer Sciences and Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery


Research Topics: Economic modeling for decision problems, strategic design & operation of energy, agriculture, & hydro-economic systems.

Sarah FitzSimons

Assistant Professor, Department of Art


Research Topics: Site-specific sculpture, installation art, water and architecture.

Dante Fratta

Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering


Research Topics: Geotomography, near surface geophysics, detection of anomalies in infrastructure, study of low strain stiffness in rock masses, geomaterial process evaluation

Ken Genskow

Associate Professor, Urban and Regional Planning, UW-Extension Environmental Resources Center


Research Topics: Watershed planning, water policy, integration, collaboration, social indicators, human dimensions, governance, program evaluation

Matthew Ginder-Vogel

Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering


Research Topics: Environmental chemistry, biogeochemistry, water chemistry, X-ray absorption spectroscopy

Tony Goldberg

Professor of Epidemiology, School of Veterinary Medicine


Research Topics: Ecology and epidemiology of infectious diseases of aquatic animals, including invasive pathogens with economic importance to Wisconsin

Laura Good

Associate Scientist, Dept. of Soil Science


Research Topics: Nutrient management planning, conservation planning, runoff phosphorus, Phosphorus Index.

Patrick Gorski

Assistant Scientist, Wisconsin State Lab of Hygiene


Research Topics: Mercury bioavailability and bioaccumulation, groundwater geochemistry and contamination, trace-metals analysis, nutrient cycling and removal, zooplankton and aquatic ecology

Linda Graham

Professor, Botany


Research Topics: Algae, bryophytes, periphyton, bacterial-autotroph associations, humic lakes, cellulose, technological applications of eukaryotic autotrophs

Claudio Gratton

Professor, Entomology


Research Topics: Landscape ecology, insect ecology and food webs, lake-land linkages, agriculture, bioenergy

Paul Hanson

Research Professor, Center for Limnology


Research Topics: Carbon cycling, lake ecosystem modeling, aquatic sensor networks and cyber-infrastructure

Gregory W. Harrington

Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering


Research Topics: Chemistry of drinking water treatment and distribution, removal of waterborne pathogens and microbes during drinking water treatment and distribution, mathematical modeling

David Hart

GIS Specialist, Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute


Research Topics: Application of geospatial technologies to Great Lakes issues (sustainable coastal development, coastal hazards, coastal heritage tourism)

Jennifer Hauxwell

Assistant Director for Research and Student Engagement, Aquatic Sciences Center


Research Topics: Effects of nutrient loading on aquatic environments, aquatic plant ecology and management, water resource and fisheries management, research program administration

Sarah Hotchkiss

Professor, Botany; Bryson Professor of Climate, People & Environment, Center for Climatic Research


Research topics: Studies of vegetation history, climate history, ecosystem response to climate change, disturbance and landscape dynamics, paleoecology

James Hurley

Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Director, Aquatic Sciences Center


Research Topics: Chemical limnology, natural organic matter, nutrient cycling, Great Lakes research, bioaccumulation of contaminants, chemical interactions at the sediment-water interface

Randall Jackson

Professor, Department of Agronomy; Chair, Agroecology MS Program
Research Topics: Grassland ecosystem structure and fucntion, C sequestration and ecosystem services of grasslands, C balance and grassland management regimes, grassland and pasture management

William Karasov

Professor & Chair, Department of Forest and Wildlife Eccology


Research Topics: Ecotoxicology and physiology of wild animals


Susan Knight

Research Scientist, North Temperate Lakes Long Term Ecological Research Program


Research Topics: Aquatic Plant Identification and Outreach; Invasive aquatic plant research (Tolerance of invasive aquatic plants, testing biological control methods)

Chris Kucharik

Professor, Agronomy & Nelson Institute Center for Sustainability and Global Environment


Research Topics: Agroecology, climate change, biogeochemical cycling, ecosystem modeling

Carrie Laboski

Professor, Dept. of Soil Science
Research topics: Soil fertility/nutrient management, manure nutrient availability, soil testing, nutrient cycling and movement, enhancing nutrient use efficiency.

Carol Eunmi Lee

Professor, Center of Rapid Evolution (CORE)
Research Topics: Genetics of populations resistant to catastrophic change; rapid evolutionary responses to environmental change (biological invasions, climate change, oil spills, etc.)

Steve Loheide

Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering


Research Topics: Hydroecology, water in the environment, stream and riparian resoration, groundwater, hydrologic and ecologic consequences of climate change

Sharon Long

Director of Envir. Microbiology, Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene; Professor, Soil Science


Research Topics: Monitoring waterborne pathogens, microbial water contamination, source water protection, watershed management, methods of pathogen enumeration, bio-terrorism preparedness


Noah R. Lottig

Assistant Scientist & Site Manager, North Temperate Lakes Long Term Ecological Research Program
Research Topics: Influence of hydroscape configuration on watershed carbon signatures, interactions between geomorphology and wrack disturbance in tidal creeks.

Peter McIntyre

Assistant Professor, Center for Limnology & Department of Zoology


Research Topics: Aquatic biodiversity, food webs, nutrient cycling, ecosystem services, fish and fisheries, speciation rates, migratory behaviors

Katherine McMahon

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering


Research Topics: Water quality, eutrophication, wastewater treatment microbiology, environmental genomics, community assembly, bacteria-virus interactions

Larry Nesper

Professor of Anthropology and American Indian Studies
Research topics: Great Lakes Indian law and politics in the federal Indian policy era of Self-determination (post-1960s); development of the tribal courts in Wisconsin

Daniel R. Noguera

Wisconsin Distinguished Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Research Topics: Biological wastewater treatment, biological nitrogen and phosphorus removal, anaerobic digestion, drinking water, bioenergy, biotechnology

Julia Noordyk

Water Quality & Coastal Communities Specialist, Wisconsin Sea Grant
Research Topics: Great Lakes, coastal erosion, runoff and stormwater pollution, climate adaptation, community resiliency and sustainability

Michael Notaro

Associate Director, Nelson Institute Center for Climatic Research
Research Topics: Land-atmosphere interactions, global and regional climate modeling, climate change in the Great Lakes Basin, lake-effect snow, lake levels, dust storms

Mutlo Ozdogan

Assistant Professor, Forest & Wildlife Ecology and Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Research topics: Remote sensing, hydrology, land-use/land-cover change

John Panuska

Natural Resource and Bio Environmental Engineer, Biological Systems Engineering
Research Topics: Runoff water quality, non-point source pollution, nutrient management, urban and agricultural water quality modeling, drainage and irrigation

Ned Paschke

Program Director, Dept. of Engineering Professional Development


Research Topics: Water and wastewater engineering, analysis and improvement of water and wastewater systems

Barbara L. Peckarsky

Honorary Fellow and Adjunct Professor, Departments of Zoology and Entomology
Research Topics: Ecology of stream-dwelling organisms, evolution of predator-prey and grazer-algal interactions, invertebrates as indicators of stream water quality

Dan Phaneuf

Associate Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Research Topics: Environmental economics with specific expertise in non-market valuation; applied econometrics

Bill Provencher

Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Research topics: Environmental and resource economics, dynamics of resource use, value of ecosystem goods and services, management of freshwater resources, land use policies

Christy Remucal

Assistant Professor, Environmental Chemistry & Technology ; Civil & Environmental Engineering


Research Topics: Photochemical processes in natural waters, metal redox cycling, reactive oxygen species production, contaminant transformation

Adena Rissman

Associate Professor, Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology
Research Topics: Natural resource policy design and implementation, ecological outcomes of resource policy, social and legal adaptation to environmental change

Eric E. Roden

Professor, Department of Geoscience
Research Topics: Sediment biogeochemistry; physiology and ecology of anaerobic microorganisms; microbial iron redox cycling; microbial mineral transformations

Titus Seilheimer

Fisheries Outreach Specialist, Wisconsin Sea Grant 
Research Topics: Great Lakes ecology and fisheries, food web change, fish ecology, fish habitat, aquatic invasive species, wetland ecology

Bret Shaw

Associate Professor, Department of Life Sciences Communication


Research Topics: Social marketing, outreach, aquatic invasive species, promoting natural shorelines

Janet Silbernagel

Professor, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Research Topics: Landscape ecology and conservation strategies, scenario modeling and geospatial analysis of  landscape conservation strategies

Jim Skinner

Joseph O. Hirschfelder Professor, Dept. of Chemistry
Research Topics:  Dynamics of condensed phase systems, time-dependent phenomena in liquids, supercritical fluids, crystalline and amorphous solids

Doug Soldat

Associate Professor, Department of Soil Science
Research Topics: Environmental fate of fertilizer applied to lawns, soil P, turfgrass and urban soils, irrigation management

Emily Stanley

Professor, Center for Limnology; Zoology


Research Topics: Aquatic ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry, focusing in streams and lakes; computational limnology, long-term ecological research

Anita Thompson

Associate Professor, Department of Biological Systems Engineering


Research Topics: Hydrology, water quality, runoff, sediment/nutrient/pathogen transport, stormwater management, erosion control, SWAT and WEPP modeling

Philip A. Townsend

Associate Professor, Forest Ecology
Research Topics: Remote sensing and imaging spectroscopy, forest ecosystem dynamics, watershed hydrology and modeling, spatial analysis

Monica Turner

Eugene P. Odum Professor of Ecology, Dept. of Zoology 
Research topics: Spatial heterogeneity in ecological systems, natural disturbances and ecosystems, fire ecology, western conifer forests, effects of climate and land-use change

Jake Vander Zanden

Professor, Center for Limnology


Research Topics: Aquatic Ecology, limnology, fish ecology, food webs, aquatic invasive species, conservation biology

Steve Ventura

Gaylord Nelson Distinguished Professor, Environmental Studies and Soil Science
Research topics: GIS, remote sensing, urban agriculture, water quality impacts of hard rock mining, silvipasturing

Dan Vimont

Associate Professor, Atmospheric & Oceanic Science, Center for Climatic Research
Research topics: Mechanisms of climate variability and change, weather-climate interactions, global and regional impacts of climate change

Yi Wang

Assistant Professor, Department of Horticulture

Research Topics: Irrigation management of sustainable vegetable crop production, with a focus on variable rate irrigation and other irrigation best management practices

Daniel B. Wright

Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Research Topics: Flood risk estimation and management, modeling of extreme rainfall, climate change impacts on hydrologic extremes, natural hazards modeling

Chin Wu

Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Research Topics: Environmental fluid mechanics and limnology, surface wave dynamics, sediment transport, environmental monitoring, groundwater-surface water interactions

Emeritus Faculty

Mary Anderson

Professor Emerita, Geology and Geophysics
Research Topics: Computer modeling of groundwater systems, geological characterization of heterogeneity, groundwater-lake systems

Anders Andren

Professor Emeritus, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Director Emeritus, Aquatic Sciences Center
Research Topics: Aquatic chemistry, remediation of contaminated water and sediments, Great Lakes contaminants, fisheries, invasive species, lake levels, aquaculture, Wisconsin groundwater issues

David E. Armstrong

Professor Emeritus, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Environmental Chemistry & Technology Program
Research Topics: Aquatic chemistry, chemical limnology, nutrient cycles in lakes, chemical contaminants in aquatic systems

Calvin DeWitt

Professor Emeritus, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Research Topics: redox potentials at water/peat interface in wetland ponds, evaluation of negative skewness in ectotherm thermoregulation, ecosystem modeling, highway impacts on wetlands,wetland formation

James F. Kitchell

Arthur Hasler Professor Emeritus of Zoology, Faculty, Center for Limnology
Research Topics: Food web interactions and fisheries, Lake ecosystems, Marine ecosystems, Climate change effects on Lake Superior

John J. Magnuson

Professor Emeritus of Zoology and Director Emeritus of the Center for Limnology
Research Topics: Long-term ecological research on lakes, analyses of lake ice time series, climate change impacts and adaptations, thermal ecology of fishes, landscape and invasion ecology of lakes.

Ken Potter

Professor, Civil and Environment Engineering
Research Topics: Hydrological Modeling and Design, Stormwater, Estimation of Hydrologic Risk, Restoration of Aquatic Systems

William Sonzogni

Professor Emeritus, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Research Topics: Fate and transport of toxic contaminants, analytical chemistry of pollutants, chemical limnology, water resources management, environmental toxicology