Building Trust Around Water is the logo and theme for the 2023 Wisconsin Lakes and Rivers Conference. When tasked with creating the logo for this event, the goal was to create the idea of trust without it being something that is overdone. There are three iterations: black, white, and color. The variation is to ensure that it looks its best no matter what background it is used with. Through a lot of brainstorming, we decided that creating simplistic hands representative of all different people was the best way to go about conveying trust and responsibility. The hands mimic the movement of waves, always flowing and leaning into one another. Each hand has its own story as is evident in each hands’ unique attributes; it’s meant to convey that everyone from all demographics are part of keeping water clean and passing that knowledge on to the next person.


A graduating senior in the Graphic Design program at UWSP, Ashley works with many mediums, but primarily with: digital illustration, photography, ink, and acrylic paint. Ashley has been creating art for 15 years. Seeking to highlight the beauty in everyday life, she documents mundane beauty in photographs. Ashley focuses her art on advocacy for animal rights, economic preservation, and survivors of assault. To view more of her work, view her portfolio here.

ABOUT THE Water Partner

Amy Kowalski is a Communication Specialist with the Extension Lakes program in the College of Natural Resources at UW-Stevens Point. Amy creates and edits many of the printed and digital materials for several Wisconsin Lakes Partnership programs including the Wisconsin Lakes and Rivers Convention, Lake Leaders Institute, Citizen Lake Monitoring Network, Clean Boats, Clean Waters Watercraft Inspection program, and Healthy Lakes & Rivers Initiative. She has worked with student artists (composers, voice-over artists, graphic designers) in the past to enhance water messages to professionals and citizens and is excited to be part of the FLOW project in 2022 and beyond!