Protecting Our Waterways by Ethan Otto

For this project I was inspired by science textbooks aimed at a younger audience. I used the adobe suite to make the vectors for the scenery and got species of fish that would most likely be in lakes like this one. Having the research done beforehand was very helpful as I just needed to add the text into my image and not much else. Learning about what each aspect of conservation is involved in this one department was fascinating. I love being able to explain science in a way that more people can understand. This project is great at showing the relation between those who protect nature and those who participate in nature. Knowing how others keep our waterways clean and safe makes for a more enjoyable experience for everyone.


I am a sophomore attending the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point. I am a Graphic Design major and I love using art to clearly show facts and aspects of any product or service. Using art as an everyday medium has let me think about the world in a different way than before, allowing me to think more creatively to solve any problems that I face.

ABOUT THE Water Partner

Dr. Mike Rader is an Assistant Professor of Conservation and Parks Law Enforcement in the Human Dimensions of Natural Resources Discipline in the College of Natural Resources at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. The Conservation Law Enforcement program prepares students for careers in natural resource protection and public safety, much of which involve issues related to our waterways, such as boating, fishing, hunting, trapping, wildlife conservation, habitat preservation, and pollution