Choking Out the System by Arista Detter

Choking Out the System


Arista Detter, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

In Collaboration with Dr. Kevyn Juneau, Department of Conservation and Environmental Science, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Choking Out the System is a representation of a core element regarding the spread of invasive species. Taking inspiration from the work of Dr. Kevyn Juneau, we created a piece that shows how it starts with an individual intrusion, which spreads and becomes a population, until eventually taking over a whole community. It shows how an invasive population can manipulate an environment to fit its needs. We start with a community in stasis and over time, see the slow intrusion of this other force, until we are left with a whole community having been suffocated by the original disturbance. We were also inspired by the motion of water itself and really embraced the contrasts of dynamics, motion, intensity, and mood that may be evoked in its movement.


Arista Detter is currently double majoring in Musical Theatre and Dance at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. She has trained in the styles of modern, ballet, tap, jazz, and theater dance under the instruction of Michael Estanich, Pamela Luedtke, Joan Karlen, Sarah Olson, and Jeannie Hill. Within her four years, she has found a passion for choreography. Recently, she has choreographed for the UW-SP productions: Afterimages, The Melody Lingers On! and As We Climb.

She is forever grateful for the support from her family, friends, professors, and especially her incredible dancers. You can find her on Instagram @aristadetter or contact her at

ABOUT THE Water Partner

Dr. Kevyn J. Juneau received his Ph.D. in Forest Science from Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan and is an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Prior to UWRF, he was a postdoctoral scientist working with Casey Huckins and Amy Marcarelli at Michigan Tech. He is a certified associate ecologist and a plant community ecologist who is studying the ecology of invasive species. Dr. Juneau looks at how invasive species compete for and utilize resources when they are introduced to an environment in which they did not evolve. Understanding these interactions will shed light on how native plants assemble and succession progresses. This knowledge will also help conservationists and land managers undertake an integrated method of management to control unwanted species and to help restore ecosystem function.