The Ripple Effect by Hallie Dix

The Ripple Effect


Hallie Dix, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

In Collaboration with Ellen Voss, River Alliance of Wisconsin

In collaboration with River Alliance of Wisconsin staff members Ellen Voss, Stacy Harbaugh, and Allison Werner, Hallie Dix created an embroidery that addresses the importance of community and the lengths to which connection and outreach dramatically impact the combatting of water issues. River Alliance of Wisconsin works with local leaders and grassroots groups throughout the state of Wisconsin to ensure all individuals have access to clean, abundant water. Hallie Dix created The Ripple Effect to show viewers the power behind water alliances and the ongoing influence they have on pursuing clean water. 

Visually, the ripple in Dix’s work shakes the figures who are affected by a simple drop of water, an element that all humans need to survive. The joining of hands portrays those who work with River Alliance of Wisconsin, but the ripple does not have an end, and it continues to reach the viewers, as well. This notion of the ripple effect is powerful in causing a movement among those who need water – which agreeably is everyone. Through the use of refreshing blues, purples, and patterned fabric, Dix recognizes the desire to have clean water within one’s environment while portraying the effect that it has on our diverse human population. The Ripple Effect brings attention to the importance of collaboration, the recognition that all people are impacted by water issues within our state and beyond, and the fundamental need for clean water in our circle of life.

“…this experience made me realize that I should bring attention to certain issues/problems I want to embody within my work. I know I have a voice in my art, and this experience impacted the ideas I want to commit to in my practice.” Dix


Since she was a young girl, Hallie Dix has always been passionate about the arts and the connections she creates through sharing her talents. Dix prefers most 2D mediums when creating her work, but appreciates embroidery most given its unique set of challenges. Embroidery has been her favorite because it is less commonly recognized within the fine arts, and it creates strong compositions through overlapping linework. At the moment, Dix is most proud of her mural work within the Fox Valley, commissioned artwork, community canvas painting classes, and her future as an art educator beginning next fall. Check out her website or find her on Facebook @PaintWithHallie or Instagram @artbyhalliedix

ABOUT THE Water Partner

River Alliance of Wisconsin was founded in 1993 by people who cared deeply about the rivers and streams of Wisconsin. With a clear vision for a future where people are informed and engaged in the work to save our rivers, our organization has been a voice for Wisconsin’s water for 30 years. Our mission is to empower people to protect and restore Wisconsin’s priceless clean water resources, and the strength of our organization has always centered upon working together with watershed groups and partners to address local water concerns. We amplify local voices and work toward a shared future in which Wisconsin has abundant, clean water in perpetuity that is accessible and can be used by all life without risk. To learn more, please visit our website. Ellen Voss is River Alliance’s Aquatic Invasive Species Program Director and served as The Flow Project liaison.