We All Need Water

We All Need Water

Choreography and music, dancers: Madilin Beckel, Zoey Raen Davis, Scarlett Hildebrand, Veronica Petrach,  Marcella Rose Schneider 

Marcella Schneider, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

In Collaboration with Dr. Amy Kowalski, Extension Lakes, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Extensions Lakes brings people together in order to protect water. They work with water lovers across the state to communicate ways people can keep our Wisconsin lakes healthy. Dr. Amy Kowalski and Marcella Schneider wanted to show that combining art and science can lead to understanding and action. With her piece, We All Need Water, Schneider wanted to highlight the fact that we have to protect water and its ecosystems but we can’t do this unless we first have the connection we need as people. Schneider made this dance as a cycle, with an ending similar to the beginning because she almost didn’t want there to be an ending. Conservation of water is an ongoing process and so she wanted to replicate that with her dance while reflecting the fluidity of water itself. 

Schneider also created the track behind the movement; each of her dancers and Schneider recorded audio of each of them interacting with water in some way, and then Schneider shaped it into song. Each movement and choice had to do with different portions of the cycle, and highlighted their strengths so they could all work together to create something beautiful.


Marcella Rose (also known as Marcella Schneider) is a first year dance major at UW-Stevens Point and an aspiring choreographer with many projects under her belt. In addition to dance, she also paints, sings, writes songs and poetry, creates digital art, crochets and recently started trying resin jewelry. They use nature as a main source of inspiration across all of their mediums so this Flow Project just seemed appropriate for them to participate in. When she experiences natural beauty, she lets it drive the feeling behind her work. Find more of what she does on their website.

ABOUT THE Water Partner

Amy Kowalski is a Communications Specialist with the Extension Lakes program in the College of Natural Resources at UW-Stevens Point. Amy creates and edits many of the printed and digital materials for several Wisconsin Lakes Partnership programs including the Wisconsin Lakes and Rivers Convention, Wisconsin Lake Leaders Institute, Citizen Lake Monitoring Network, Clean Boats, Clean Waters Watercraft Inspection program, and the Healthy Lakes & Rivers Initiative. She has worked with student artists including composers, voice-over artists, graphic designers, and most-recently, a choreographer/dancer, to enhance water messages to professionals and citizens and is excited to help grow The Flow Project into the future!